About this item

KATANA Kuranto400QS –concentrated Premium biostablewatermisciblemetalworking fluid for heavy duty application. It forms a micro-emulsion with high anti-corrosion properties, protects slideways and metal-cutting machines from corrosion, has low foaming. It has high lubricity properties, which also provides excellent cooling properties in cutting tool edge. It is produced on naphthenic base oils and high-tech additive package with emulsifiers, EP (Extreme Pressure), antifoam ,anti-corrosion additives andbiostable components.

KATANA Kuranto400QS issuitable for the most difficult machining operations: turning, cutting, drilling, milling, gear cutting, threading, tapping, broaching and others. It is used for different materials: steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (copper), aluminum and its alloys. It is used with low, medium and high water hardness (0-500 ppm). Always add concentrate to water, not another way!Recommended concentration is 4-10% depending on the type of operations and the processed materials.

Chemical-physical properties
ParameterTypical synthetic emulsionKATANA Kuranto200QS
Emulsion appearance White colored macro emulsion Translucentmicroemulsion
Mineral oil content, % 60 50
Chlorine content, % 0.5 0
Density at 200С, g/ml 0.9-1.1 0.95
рН (5% emulsion) 8.5 9.5
Corrosionofferrousmetals Small corrosion Satisfy
Water hardness, ppm 100-250 0-450
Foaming tendensy, ml 250 30
Stability after freezing Not satisfy Satisfy
Refractometer index 1 1


TDS (Technical data sheet)