About this item

KATANA Kuranto 100QS – synthetic watersolublemetalworking fluid which formsclear and stable solutionduring mixing with water. It does not contain mineral oil in the composition, as well as phenols and chlorine. It is developedon high-tech additive package basis and includes emulsifiers, bactericides and anti-corrosion additives. It can be easily mixed with any hardness water, and has excellent bacteria stability.

KATANA Kuranto 100QS is used for light duty machining operations (grinding, turning, sawing, etc.), of steel and cast iron. Suitable for both internal operations and external grinding. Suitable for hard and soft water (0-500 ppm). Always add concentrate to water, not another way!

Chemical-physical properties
ParameterTypical synthetic emulsionKATANA Kuranto 100QS
Emulsion appearance Transparent liquid of different colors Low-viscosity transparent liquid from light brown to orange color
Type of emulsion Micro emulsion True solution
Mineral oil content, % 10 0
Chlorine content, % 0.5 0
Density at 200С, g/ml 1.0-1.1 1.04
рН (5% emulsion) 8.5 9.2
Corrosionofferrousmetals Small corrosion Satisfy
Water hardness, ppm 100-300 0-500
Foaming tendensy, ml 50 0
Stability after freezing Not satisfy Satisfy
Refractometer index 1-2.5 Under request
TDS (Technical data sheet)