PAO 100

About this item

PAO 100 is a high viscosity poly alpha olefin fluid designed for use in awide range of engine and industrial lubricating oil applications. It is engineeredto provide excellent low temperature properties, a high flash point and lowvolatility, while imparting superior performance at high temperatures. It exhibitsexcellent oxidation resistance, shear stability, good thickening characteristics, andis compatible with mineral oils, white oils (food grade and Kosher applications)and synthetic base oils. It is manufactured from consistent raw materials bypolymerization of alphaolefins to the highest industry specifications.


PAO 100 can be used as a base stock and viscosity builder for a widerange of engine and industrial lubricating oil products, both mineral oil andsynthetic based. Some examples:

• Gear Oils (Automotive &Industrial )

• Compressor Oils

• Bearing Lubricants

• Turbine Oils

• Circulating Oils

• Grease


PAO 100 is a viscous liquid used to thicken classic fluid bases to make avariety of high viscosity SAE and ISO grade lubricants. Typical usage levels forvarious high viscosity ISO grade products can be estimated using Graph I.Low temperature characteristics are very important in synthetic lubricants. Sometypical brookfield viscosity results at -18oC, using PAO 100, aredemonstrated in Graph II.


PAO 100 is a low molecular weight polymerized alphaolefin thatdemonstrates excellent shear stability. Examples, using the Sonic Shear and KRL(20-hour Tapered Bearing Shear Test) techniques are shown in Graph III.



PAO 100 is a viscous liquid polymer and is normally handled at slightly elevated temperatures. For general purposes, the following maximum storage and handling temperatures are recommended:

  • Storage 50°C (122°F)
  • Handling under Nitrogen 100°C (212°F)
  • Handling without Nitrogen80°C (176°F)


PAO 100 exhibits an extremely low level of dermal, oral and inhalation toxicity, as well as, low eye irritation.All PAO 100 is shipped under a nitrogen blanket.For more extensive information on the safe handling and use of this product, see the Material Safety Data Sheet.



Product is shipped under a nitrogen blank in tank trucks, railcars, and non-returnable 55-gallon (imperial) steel drums (370 lbs. net).

Chemical-physical properties


Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt


Specific Gravity (20°C)


Color, APHA 25
Flash Point °C


Pour Point, °C


Fire Point, °C