Overbased magnesium sulfonate12

About this item

Overbased magnesium sulfonate 12is a highly overbased magnesium sulfonate fuel oil additive with an average particle size of 0.06 microns containing 12 wt. % magnesium. This product is a completely oil soluble, clear brown colored liquid with good stability in the presence of water. Overbased magnesium sulfonate 12 will form high melting point compounds with vanadium during combustion, therefore reducing corrosion and sulfur trioxide formation.

Overbased magnesium sulfonate 12 can be directly added to fuel oil or injected into the fuel line. Recommended dosage for gas turbine applications is three parts magnesium to one part vanadium.



Overbased magnesium sulfonate 12is a liquid overbased magnesium sulfonate and is normally handled at room temperature. For general purposes, the following storage and handling temperatures are recommended:

  • Storage: 50-70°C (122-158°F)
  • Handling: 70-80°C (158-176°F)



For more extensive information on the safe handling and use of this product, see the Material Safety Data Sheet.



Tank cars, tank trucks and non-returnable 55-gallon steel drums.

Chemical-physical properties



Magnesium, wt. %


Magnesium Sulfonate, wt. %


Total Base Number


Water, wt. %


Viscosity@ 100ºC, cSt 25
Flash Point, COC ºC 100
Specific Gravity 15ºC 1.190
Color (dilute) 3.5